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The university is meant to be an abode for scholars and students from across the globe, who seek to research and learn the literary works that define the foundation of the Buddhist way of life. Hence, the project is a modern abstraction of the most noticeable forms of Buddhist architecture prevalent in Southeast Asia, to give it an international vibe and appeal. The highlight of the scheme is the master-plan of the project, that follows the shape of the sacred symbol "UNALOM" which is a translation of the "eight fold path" defined by Buddha to achieve enlightenment. The spine of the complex runs along the ridge of the two hill peaks at the site, with the apex being located at the Bodhi tree on one hill top, depicting Moksha and the second one depicting human birth, symbolized by a reflection pool. The eight flanges of the symbol form the plinth of the eight distinct faculty blocks, whereas the hostel and accommodation blocks are designed along the spire depicting the infinite cycle of life and birth of the common man.
The proposed scheme is thus the architectural personification of the essence and teachings preached by Buddha and his disciples.
Location: Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, India
Year: 2017
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